The primary workshops you can find Adam teaching these days are: Weekend Thematic workshops with themes such as:


The Fire of Practice and Refinement

An intense practice oriented weekend based on alignment and movement.


Circulation of Prana and the Flow of Life

A mix or practice and presentation on the concepts of gross and subtle body Anatomy and the concept of “Prana” and Circulation as it is applied to both gross and subtle body concepts.


Body, Bhanda & Pranayama

An introduction to how your gross body relates to the more subtle body concept of Bhanda work and Pranayama. This can be mixed with both Meditation and Asana.


Anatomy for Hatha Yoga

This workshop class can vary depending on the level, introductory and beyond. The anatomy for this course is more dedicated to supporting yoga asana and concepts related to Prana and Circulation and may include, Koshas, Sutra’s/ Fascial Trains, Kinesiology and Muscular Chains, Movement and body posture as it relates to collapse.


Anusara Yoga Immersion



Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

I, II and III


Anusara Yoga Advanced Immersion

Deeper look into supporting and applying therapeutics and the UPA’s plus a deeper look into applying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita into daily practice.


Anusara Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

Sequencing, Timing, Advanced Class Planning, Advanced Exercises in Presenting and Teaching. (Group Improvisational Work for Yoga Teaching) Adjusting Postures and Group Exercises.