Centering & Blogging In Boise!

Wow, what an awesome day. It’s definitely spring and Boise is just beautiful. I remember driving through here over 30 years ago to head to the family cabin. Boise has changed and so have I. It’s one of the challenges with Yoga or centering practices, the constant nature of change and the effects of our practices as things change. What centers you one day may not have that same effect on another day. One recomendation for practice is to sharpen your technique of observation, measure and adjustment. Because the nature of what is un-centering you will most likely change and your nature will also likely change, the exercise of artistically and technically moving with that may be the best tool in your toolbox for staying centered. Relying on a specific activity (hiking, yoga asana, cooking) can prove faulty because the avenue to those tools or activities probably wont always be accesible. But developing a keen ability to respond well, even while using different activities and using them differently at times, just might be the key.

Yoga Trending and Conditioning??

So what is Yoga, Trending and Conditioning?

There are natural “Negative” trends for all of us, addictions to all sorts of things, the trend to shrink your upright like posture (called Vertical Spinal Creep), or the trend to narrow your focus in order to avoid confidence shaking information or persistently allowing outside stuff to take more control of your awareness than you do (a.k.a attention deficit issues). What yoga has to do with any of this unfortunate trending is a general practice of implementing your own efforts and forces to shift natural trends that aren’t positive trends for your Mind, Body or Heart health into more positive trends or “Positive Trend Conditioning”.

Stop Over Rounding Your Already Rounded Low Back. Intro to Lumbar Stability in Forward Folds

Save your Spine, do yoga better. Yoga has been so much help to so many and for many it's becoming an issue. For even more I propose it's going to be more of an issue. This video doesn't seek to keep yogi's from folding forward or even rounding their low back, but it does seek to up how much the industry stabilizes their low back while folding forward and even while performing a small amount of rounding the lower spine (That is more meant to function from neutral to arching the opposite direction).