Yoga Trending and Conditioning??

So what is Yoga, Trending and Conditioning?

There are natural “Negative” trends for all of us, addictions to all sorts of things, the trend to shrink your upright like posture (called Vertical Spinal Creep), or the trend to narrow your focus in order to avoid confidence shaking information or persistently allowing outside stuff to take more control of your awareness than you do (a.k.a attention deficit issues). What yoga has to do with any of this unfortunate trending is a general practice of implementing your own efforts and forces to shift natural trends that aren’t positive trends for your Mind, Body or Heart health into more positive trends or “Positive Trend Conditioning”.


It’s more normal for your posture to become more poor than it is for it to improve. It’s normal for a person to crave sweets. It’s normal for a person to get angry and make poor decisions. Doing yoga is, in many ways, implementing a new repeated action (conditioning) that results in more positive trends as a result. The more positive trends are often associated with better posture, more centeredness, more calmness in the face of everyday adversity and more. Regular life is filled with cyclical trends that aren’t serving to our wellbeing. In part of yoga and Buddhism, this get’s related to natural suffering that goes on for everyone called Dukkha. Even the exercise of trying to create better trends in your actions becomes a new and probably Positive Trend. We are always working trends that are fluid and shifting, they are our habits, our actions, our Karma’s and they are either causing more suffering or more centeredness. And some times delight :-)

Yoga Conditioning, wether you are relating it to posture, decision making, intuition or what have you, is that conditioning that enables you to create more positive trends, habits or routines that serve you, especially with regards to bigger Dharmic or Karmic concepts. Because this is often counter to the trend’s we are experiencing from our nature and the nature around us, it’s usually tough going. It’s not easy to create shifts against the momentum of less conscious actions.

Creating more positive tends in life can be hard work, but the rewards seem to be much bigger and long lasting. The main key is, doing better actions, repeatedly. That can be postural, cognitively, emotionally or whatever you care to make it. The positive or negativeness of the actions are measured by the holistic outcomes, I.E, how thing turn out in the short run and the long run. Remember that a lot of this is about momentum so even a little shift in the more positive direction can be monuments in it’s long term effects.

If you can change your concept of “Yoga Conditioning” to something more relation to exercising better quality in attitudes, alignments and actions and the results of those three A’s, I bet you’ll find the results of your training and conditioning to be much more serving for you. You might even find the effects of cultivating better trends on your yoga mat ends up creating better trend setting habits off your yoga mat to. Now that’s some good conditioning


Good Luck, Adam B