Stop Over Rounding Your Already Rounded Low Back. Intro to Lumbar Stability in Forward Folds

Save your Spine, do yoga better. Yoga has been so much help to so many and for many it's becoming an issue. For even more I propose it's going to be more of an issue. This video doesn't seek to keep yogi's from folding forward or even rounding their low back, but it does seek to up how much the industry stabilizes their low back while folding forward and even while performing a small amount of rounding the lower spine (That is more meant to function from neutral to arching the opposite direction).

If you haven't thought about this yet, when most of us get tired, we don't arch back or over work our lumbar muscles, so why would we round and soften the structure of our low back in the same direction we typically collapse? If do too much rounding, even though it can feel good, it can exacerbate the issue. It's more complex than this and I would be happy to explain more. You can plan on more video clips related to this.


P.S. If your car runs out of gas and you need to push it to the gas station, Don't Push It With A Rounded Spine.

P.S.S. If you need to pick up the heaviest thing you'e ever lifted, Don't Do It With A Rounded Low Back.

P.S.S.S If you are starting CrosFitt and yoga, you may need to stretch your over worked lumbar muscles, this is different than most folks but you only need to round a little. And Don't Try To Flip A GIANT Tire With A Rounded Low Back!!!!