In the early 90’s I was in an automobile accident that led me to try Yoga and from then on I was hooked. Before then I was a long time fitness junkie, bodybuilder, power lifter, soccer and basketball player and all around movement, bio-mechanics junkie. I first stepped into the exercise room way back when I was in grade school, I used to occasionally go to the family health club to meet my father after school or just hang out in the same place he would go. The concept of engaging the self through the body, position and movement was something that became apparent very early in life and was something that really attracted me.

In the time after my motorcycle accident, I had to drop out of college where I was enrolled in the exercise science program at Arizona State University hoping to move onto a medical program one day. Eventually I returned to school, but in my time off I dove deeply into self help texts and yoga. Up until this time fitness was a way to develop the body and a way to develop it with your own preferences and intentions in mind, Yoga was simply a natural addition and evolution from this. This new to me yoga process helped me feel so much better in place of prescriptions for anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers and anti-depressants. For me the practice of placing the body into a better position, moving it with better precision, moving it with rhythm and timing as we do in yoga asana, was such a new and great experience compared to moving for competition or performance.

When I returned to school, I finished my degree with an emphasis in bio-mechanics or Kinesiology and Physiology (they didn’t really use the term Exercise Bio-Mechanics or Exercise Kinesiology yet). I moved a bit away from my yoga practice but when I found myself in another auto accident and then another, I began returning to my yoga practice again and again until I just stopped leaving it. I continued to work in the fitness industry and even traveled around the country teaching fitness industry workshops on Bio-Mechanics and more (while continuing to study and practicing yoga) it took me years before I actually stepped into teaching yoga. When I did begin teaching, my familiarity with the body, its movement, its components and systems helped me move forward as a teacher from day one.

“Kineasi-Yo”. In yoga and Ayurveda there are concepts of layers of consciousness and different types of tissues – Dhatu’s. In the layers of consciousness, the body layer is the most direct layer of physical practice and this deals greatly with the various tissues and the way in which you move and embrace this layer eventually alters its substance. You can alter your substance, substance that is just another layer of consciousness, a layer that impacts and can help alter other layers of consciousness as well. Kinesiology is the western study of movement and the mechanics and forces related to your body. When we combine these various areas of study and work, you get a very western study of how to use your body-substance to help alter your conscious-substance of various levels.

After years of study and practice the connections between what the west has to offer and the east have to offer to the Asana or posture practice are even more clear than ever. My alignment story has moved from a long history of working alignment to develop my body in fitness, to begin moved way out of alignment after an auto accident, into college study of posture and movement, to years of yoga study and practice to a wonderful marriage of the east and west on how you place yourself and what happens in relation to this. Kinesiology and Yoga go beyond just the body for me, it’s been a great discovery and I hope to share it with you SOON!

And we are just getting started!