When it comes to Adam, there truly is a lot to tell.  Adam began engaging a practice with his body as far back as when he was 4 years old and began playing soccer.  Around that time he also saw his first yogi doing Hatha Yoga tricks on a variety show and began mimicking them.  Not so long after that Adam would head to the family health club with his father and began exercising with the adults at a very early age.

In his teens, Adam started his family trait growth spurt while exercising at the gym and was a natural.  His father introduced him to a personal trainer who was not only a national power lifting champion but also had a masters in Kinesiology.  Eventually Adam was strong enough to work out side by side with Scott and was learning every step of the way.  Adam trained and competed for a shot time as a powerlifter and bodybuilder and eventually decided to keep what he learned and let go of much of the body he had developed.

With an interest in Physical Therapy, Adam went off to college at Arizona State University and began to study the body even more.  In the Exercise Science program Adam focused on Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Bio-Chemestry and more.  When Adam was hit on his motorcycle, just after his 22nd birthday, he began looking for something to help him heal, both his mind and body and he eventually found Yoga.  It took a little while to get back into school because of the serious concussion but when he did, he decided to hold off on the Physical Therapy goal and take some time to find himself.  Eventually Adam added to his work as a personal trainer, being a yoga teacher.  His application and integration of the various fields of study in College and various other interests and study in Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Pillates, Martial Arts, sports performance and more quickly opened doors as a Fitness Industry presenter and he soon found himself traveling the country teaching seminars and workshops.  It only took a short time to recognize the un-grounding nature of traveling this way for work and he started working on anchoring himself both in work as just a Yoga Teacher and in not traveling either.  Not long after that shift, Adam took an invitation to move to Utah to help with the opening of a new studio in an area with little yoga.  It felt like a great growing opportunity and a chance to find an even more stable living situation to.

In Utah Adam found a much more grounded community for his style and began weaving himself into a wonderful upstart yoga community.  Eventually Adam went on to own his own yoga studio and then go into business with a co-owner of another studio.  After many years in the ownership side of the studio business, his relationship with his business partner deteriorated and eventually Adam decided to close the studio and move on.  Today, Adam enjoys teaching at just a few local settings and traveling just enough to support his family.  ”It’s awesome to be able to travel and do this type of work, if you going to have to travel for work, I can’t imagine any other work I would rather travel and do” AB.

Adam mixes a very unique commentary on yoga philosophy, based on his life experiences with early childhood and young adult challenges, physical trauma’s, brain trauma and more.  His presentation and intermingling of various classical yoga texts make learning about yoga extremely accessible.  Although teachers like Paul Mueller Ortega, Douglas Brook and more have made great impressions on Adam, it’s Adam’s unique ability to translate the faint esoteric teachings into accessible modern day, non-renunciate lessons that tend to surprise  group after group.  In addition to that, the years and years of physical practice refinement and intermingling of modern body tech’ from the west, has for many, taken even his teachings of Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principals of Alignment to a new level of modern function.  ”I teach about the body more for it’s function rather than for Asana’s function.  I think using yoga asana to help improve a persons physical/mental function is fantastic but teaching yoga asana for higher and higher levels of Asana Performance is dangerous” AB.  For Adam it all comes together quite clearly and helps to change lives.  This is what drives hime to share with others.

It’s been a long road with lots of good times, lots of trauma and lot’s of revelation.  Yoga and Buddhism teaches us that life can be filled with hard times and lots of pain.  Yoga and Buddhism also provides a lot of tools for holding steady in the rough times and opening our hearts more and more all the time.  Let’s practice together,

Adam C. Ballenger